How could something so sweet ever make you Angry?

What many people don’t know is that iBrothers have a history in dealing with licensed products. Essentially, you find a franchise such as Mickey Mouse or Batman for example, get your product and brand it with images from that franchise and pay the people who own the franchise (licensor) a royalty for each product you sell.

The better a license performs and the quantity of licensed products available often comes down to how big that brand is. It’s understandable why companies would see that selling Star Wars or Dora the Explorer branded balls, stationary, toys, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper etc. would attract people to purchase it over the exact same item without the branding. Licensees take the gamble that the branding itself offers the point of distinction in an often crowded market.

While it’s easy to see why to want your product to be decorated with the latest movie or TV show, it was with some amusement when we first started seeing Angry Birds merchandise appearing. Mainly in the form of plush toys in the beginning (at least in the Australian retail stores), seeing a computer game being franchised to marketing (retro gaming apparel aside) was something that we hadn’t seen in decades – possibly since Pacman busted out of the Arcade and onto T-Shirts.

Who wouldn't want a pair of Angry Thongs?

Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile was a game originally developed and released on iOS (iPhone/ iPod touch) and became a phenomenon worldwide. It is now available on almost all major smartphones as well as Windows computers and consoles such as the Playstation 3. The appeal of the original game was spurred along with free updates and special editions and is an undeniable success story for game development for mobile devices.

Not entirely sure Rovio Mobile are earning their royalties from these

Plush toys, backpacks, iPad sleeves … the ever expanding line of products featuring the iconic red bird, green pig or yellow bird has sprung up everywhere. What was unusual to see though is that Ferguson Plarre are also getting in on the action by offering official (meaning they are paying royalties) Angry Birds cupcakes. We spotted the poster in a franchise during an emergency coffee stop but our instant excitement turned to disappointment when they didn’t have any available. We have tried a few different places over the last week only to find the same thing. They have either sold out or didn’t have a delivery that day.

It ended up being the franchise in South Morang who came to our rescue. The lovely Danie and Tina reserved some especially for our visit and while we couldn’t convince them to throw a few of them at each other, they were most gracious allowing us the chance to take some pictures.

Over a coffee, cupcake and a chat, we were informed that they would be moving soon to Milleara Mall (much closer to our usual area) so we hope to have a new place to receive our coffee fix in the future.

Tina and Danie from Ferguson Plarre South Morang

As for the cupcakes themselves, like the usual fare at Ferguson Plarre (yeah, I went there), it was most delicious and is something different for that next party or all night gaming session.

You can order your Angry Birds cupcakes online or in store.

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