Apple unveils new iPad (iPad3)

Apple today revealed the latest revision of the iPad. While many expected the device to be called the iPad3, it was simply unveiled as the “new” iPad.

Retina Display

It’s most notable feature is the new Retina Display;

“Although the iPad’s display measures the same 9.7-inches (diagonal) as the first two iPads, it doubles the number of pixels in play; that means the screen now contains a whopping 2048-by-1536 pixels—264 pixels per inch—for a total of over 3.1 million pixels, which Schiller called “the most ever in a mobile device.” source: Macworld

While this was the most expected upgrade to occur, it is also one that is an exciting update. When the first iPad was introduced, it’s photo capabilities were the biggest draw card for yours truly. To further enhance photo display is something I have been looking forward to. Text will also be easier to read and the level of overall graphics increase in games and other apps will surely be a delight.

Camera Upgrade

The new iPad also gets an upgrade in the camera dept with an increase to 5 megapixels and support for 1080p HD video recording. The camera also inherits much of the functionality from the iPhone 4S including improved auto focus, face detection and exposure settings. What gets us excited is of course the f/2.8 aperture and a five-element lens which we have found is just amazing on the iPhone 4S for getting depth of fieldand fast clear images.

New A5X Chip

Driving this technology is Apple’s new dual-core A5X chip with quad-core graphics. It’s an interesting deviation from the quad core processors that newer Android devices are pushing lately and may go some way to explain how with all the added demands on power, Apple have managed to keep the specs in line with the expected battery performance with the iPad 2.

The new iPad is also supporting the new LTE (4G) networks in the US although it is unclear if it will be supporting Telstra’s 4G network at this stage. As before, there will be two models available (each having options for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities) – WiFi only and WiFi+3G(LTE) with the 3G/LTE version costing $150.00 more than the wifi models.

Other notable mentions

The new iPad gets an upgrade to bluetooth 4.0 and comes in only fractionally larger and heavier (iPad 2 3G – depth 8.8mm, weight 613gms – new iPad 3G/LTE Depth 9.4mm, weight 662gms)

The new iPad is set for launch on the 16th of March worldwide and pre-orders are available online now and is running at the same price points as the iPad 2.

New iPhoto App

Announced at the same event was the new iPhoto app. Finally, Apple addresses one of the biggest annoyances (from my perspective anyway) in that for a device that was so perfect as a complimentary device to a photographer, we now get some decent tools to work with it.

Updates to iMovie, Garageband and iWork apps are all receiving updates to take advantage of the new iPad.

iOS 5.1 & iTunes 10.6

iTunes 10.6 was also released in conjunction with iOS 5.1 which includes bug fixes and enhancements.

Most notable for iOS 5.1 is the ability to delete individual photos from photostream, redesigned camera app and improved face detection.

Links: new iPad on Apple’s website

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