Telstra announce new 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Finally! Telstra today announced that they are rounding out their 4G devices with a 4G (LTE) capable mobile WiFi Hotspot.

The successor to their HSPA+ DC enabled counterpart, the new device (the Sierra 760S) will offer the same functionality with the ability to access Telstra’s new 4G network.

Owners of notebooks (laptops), smartphones and tablets will now be able to simultaneously enjoy 4G speeds when operating within areas covered by Telstra’s super fast network.

The amount of devices currently available that are able to access Telstra’s 4G network is limited. Even the new iPad is unable to work on the 1800mhz frequency Telstra uses. The fact that a device can share it amongst a number of devices (5 simultaneously) gives it a distinct advantage over the current USB only offerings available.

If the hotspot is able to deliver the same consistently high speeds we have seen to date while testing other 4G modems, this would definitely shoot to the top of our recommended list of devices for the mobile broadband user.

Telstra are claiming the following as key features for the device (source link below):

  • Allows customers to connect up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices to ultra-fast internet.
  • 4G speeds and Australia’s fastest 3G speeds in selected areas.
  • Compact and lightweight design weighing in at a mere 100 grams.
  • Up to four hours’ battery life, 100 hours standby.
  • Works with any Wi-Fi enabled device.

What is interesting is the claimed battery life. We know from our tests with the current WiFi hotspot during our Rural Broadband Speedtest that in normal usage scenarios, the combination of active and passive states meant that even after a full days ride, we found there was plenty of power left in the hotspot.

Full press release can be found here

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