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iTunes Gift Cards: Get 2 x $20 cards for $30 at Harvey Norman (Save 25%)

Save 25%. In-store only. Offer ends 27th May 2012.

[Source: OZ Bargain]

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Review: Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Strap for iPhone 4S



Walking, running, cycling or general fitness have always been an on again/ off again, but mostly off again, type of affair for me. While I have been going gangbusters with my latest effort, I enlisted the help of a new friend to keep me motivated. My iPhone and an application called RunKeeper. Read more

iTunes Gift Cards: Get 2 x $30 cards for $50 at Australia Post. Save $10

Purchase 2 x $30 gift cards for $50 at Australia Post. Starts today – Ends 8th April 2012. Save $10

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FREE FLIGHTS! Microsoft releases Flight as a free game download

At the ripe old age of 30, Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of longest-running PC game series of all time. The last revision of the game, Flight Simulator X was released in 2006. Unfortunately in 2009 during Microsoft’s cost cutting rampage, the development team behind Microsoft Flight Simulator was shut down and the project essentially crashed and burned.

Fast forward to 2012 however and we find that Microsoft have brought back the flight simulator franchise with “Microsoft Flight” and not only have they revived it, it’s now free-to-play. Like many other free to play games, we see the introduction of a DLC (downloadable content) model which provides the option to purchase and download extra content, aircrafts, scenery and game packs. Read more

iTunes Gift Cards: Buy one and get a second card at 50% off at Target (Save 25%)

Save 25%. Offer starts 8th March and ends 14th March 2012.

[Source: Target | GiftCardsOnSale]

iTunes Gift Cards: Get 2 x $50 cards for $80 at Big W (Save 20%)

Save 20%. Offer starts 8th March ends 21st March 2012 or while stocks last.

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Telstra launches first Pre-Paid 4G LTE modem

UPDATE: Our review is up!


Today Telstra announced it’s first Pre-Paid 4G LTE modem.

The Pre-Paid 4G modem has full access to Telstra’s small but super fast 4G network which offers download speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps and typical upload speeds from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.  The modem also supports Telstra’s 3G HSPA+ network for fallback when not in a 4G area.

Perfect for people wanting occasional use (such as holiday makers) it offers the best possible mobile broadband speeds and coverage without forking out for the Post-Paid 4G USB modem option. As far as it appears on paper, this would be an option  iBrothers would be happy to recommend.

Customers can purchase the Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G today for $129 which comes with 3GB of data and 30 days expiry. Read more

A new name for a new focus – say hello to Clever IT Systems

After much deliberation, we have decided to separate the iBrothers entity with our business entity.

Truth be told, this blog site reflects a more candid and personal side of who we are and it was getting a little confusing for clients to understand the separation that exists between our business and our blog.

Further to this, the business has evolved and is taking on a more polished look and feel and as such, we decided it was time to rebrand and refocus the way we go to market.

The new business name is Clever IT Systems. If you are looking for a company who specialise in managing SOHO and SMBs in Melbourne Australia, look us up.


iTunes Gift Cards: 20% off at David Jones until Christmas Eve

Need a last minute discount iTunes gift card for somebody? Get yourself into David Jones and get 20% off. Offer ends Christmas Eve.


Victoria – The Place To Be For Smartphone Applications


With over 36% of the Australian mobile phone population owning a smartphone, and with an expected growth to more than 50% within 12 months, it’s no wonder the number of applications (or “apps”) being made, continues to increase rapidly. It is becoming more common for websites to offer a mobile version of their website or a dedicated app and this trend has continued with our local Government agencies getting onboard.

In Victoria, we are spoiled with almost every Government department offering something. From the Department of Health’s fantastic Better Health Channel application, which I have personally used many times to locate a 24hr Chemist or gain health advice for my children, to VicRoads SmartPark application, which helps me to avoid being fined by reminding me that my parking is about to expire, and it even tells me the exact location I parked my car! Read more