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LibreOffice writer – A step by step tutorial on document creation


In this tutorial, we are going take the points covered in our previous introduction article and go step by step through the process of setting up a document in LibreOffice’s writer.

We will be using LibreOffice on OSX however, the same steps apply to the Windows version too. Read more

LibreOffice – Introduction to writer

LibreOffice, a fork or spinoff of, is a free, opensource suite of applications which provide a similar set of applications to Microsoft office. In this tutorial, iBrothers takes a look at one of those applications, writer.

Writer is the “Microsoft Word” equivalent of the LibreOffice suite. It is a powerful word processor providing an amazing amount of functionality. Many discover writer and LibreOffice when looking for a free way to open word documents. Unfortunately, many don’t go much further than that once that task is complete. As LibreOffice is free and has much going for it, it does make for a compelling reason why someone would first look to LibreOffice as a free alternative prior to purchasing Microsoft Office. Read more

Telstra Ultimate Broadband USB review

Update: Our Telstra 4G USB review is up

As mentioned in our review of the Telstra Ultimate Broadband Wi-Fi, iBrothers had initially requested a Wi-Fi unit from Telstra but was instead sent the USB version. It seems to be a pretty easy mistake to make as we found that about a week ago, we had a similar issue talking to Telstra shop store staff and found that they too got confused between the two products.

Of course, we are presently armed with the Ultimate Broadband USB modem so of course we are going to take a look at how it performs on Telstra’s HSPA+ Dual Carrier network. Read more

Telstra Bigpond Ultimate Broadband Wi-Fi review

Update: Telstra have announced their new 4G LTE mobile WiFi Hotspot

Update: Our Telstra 4G USB review is up

iBrothers likes it’s mobile broadband – no, we REALLY like our mobile broadband. It’s there when we are stuck in traffic and need directions, when we are looking for a decent coffee in an unknown area, conducting emergency remote support on the road, enabling us to share photos instantly at the birth of our children …  So when we hear about improvements to speed and performance being offered from Mobile Broadband, you know we are going to be all over it.

Enter Bigpond’s latest offering, the Ultimate Mobile Broadband WI-FI. Using Telstra’s next G network, the device promises download speeds up to 20Mbps and upload speeds up to 3Mbps. These speeds are a considerable jump from the current offerings of any other carrier. The modem itself is a Sierra Aircard 753S and while the website claims theoretical speeds up to 42Mbps, Telstra is stating the speeds to be around half that. The unit supports frequencies of UMTS 850/1900/2100 MHz, comes with wireless N connectivity and an internal GPS. More information can be found in the links at the end of this review. Read more

Top 10 Free Software Applications for Windows and Mac

If there is one thing iBrothers likes to do is recommend software that works well and has proven to be beneficial to us. We believe in paying for software that offers value but it’s always a bonus to find something that works well and is free. Read more

Three pieces of Tech and a baby – Is the iPad ready for handling photo publishing in the field?

A couple of weeks ago I found myself preparing for the birth of my daughter. By preparing I mean selecting the lenses for my digital SLR camera, deciding if I should have another camera as a backup and gathering all the necessary chargers for various devices such as mobile phones and wifi hotspots. I sometimes believe I must be the only person who packs a 6 port power board as the first thing in a suitcase. The one thing that did give me pause was deciding if I should take my 15” MacBook Pro this time or rely solely on the iPad for sharing those precious and early photos with my family and friends. Read more

Convert DVDs for your Media Player using Handbrake

There was a time when DVDs reigned supreme as the ultimate way to store your home movies in a way that would not degrade over time. Sadly, the quality of DVDs, especially those used for burning, can vary substantially and often a DVD you created and stored away can end up being unreadable once retrieved. Furthermore, with the never ending push to digital distribution (renting or buying movies from the internet) more and more households are either using their gaming consoles (xbox 360 or PS/3) or investing in a dedicated media player capable of playing back these files on their TV.

It does beg the question though, once you have experienced the joys of having a nice large catalogue at your finger tips, why would you want to scrounge around for a physical DVD anymore? Read more

Telstra, Optus & Vodafone Compared: Mobile Broadband SpeedTest

At iBrothers, we have generally stuck with Telstra when it comes to both mobile phone coverage as well as mobile broadband. The reason for this is that Telstra’s Next G network is supposedly the best of all providers for speed as well as coverage. Of late however, we have been noticing that, at times, the speeds we were getting from Telstra seemed to be slower. Coupled with anecdotal evidence from customers and family of similar issues, we decided it was time to conduct some actual real world tests of our own. Read more

Keep your email address portable

When you really think of it, it’s amazing that in the ever-changing space of the Internet, the humble email address has stood the test of time.

When you consider how embedded email is to your online presence and how essential it can be, it continually baffles us at iBrothers why people still insist on using the email address given to them by their ISP (internet service provider). Our reasoning behind this is that when you really consider how your email address is extended into nearly every part of your online life, wouldn’t it make sense to have an address that can move as you move house or internet provider?

Before we go into how to do it, I think it’s important to really explore how entrenched your email address is to your online identity.

Read more

Social – LaManna Direct

At iBrothers, we love a good coffee almost as much as we love our technology. There is something special about a good brew to accompany a tech shopping trip, catching up on news and RSS feeds, general web surfing or partaking in the social networking game of your choice. If the venue has a decent selection of food it’s even better.

As a new addition to our blog, we will be sharing with you our picks and discoveries of great venues serving food and coffee whom also share our passion about quality and consistency.

LaManna Direct is a new addition to Essendon Fields. Marketed as a new kind of supermarket, it offers pretty much what you would expect from a supermarket with a twist. As well as what most supermarkets offer, they also present a selection of cakes and meals made on the premises.

The business is family owned and run with most of the staff working there seemingly part of the family, or close friends of the family and you can see this translated in the friendly greetings from staff as you enter to the selection of food and produce.

Recently, LaManna have opened their café and of course, we are never far away from a new venue offering coffee in the area.
Read more