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Boxee Box by D-Link – Review

iBrothers have been a fan of Boxee – a program which turns your MAC, PC or AppleTV into a media player, for some time.

Boxee is a free application which, when installed onto a MAC, Windows PC, Ubuntu or Apple TV, turns it into a powerful media player capable of playing back most video, music and picture formats available.

Boxee distinguishes itself from other media portals in a few ways.

  1. Boxee will inspect your local video files and using a database lookup allocates a thumbnail and synopsis to each video file. In the case of a TV series, it will also sort them into seasons with a synopsis for each episode.
  2. Boxee allows you to create an account and share information with other Boxee users
  3. Boxee has access to Apps which allows internet content such as Flikr and facebook
  4. Access to internet based video on demand services

While downloading and installing Boxee can be a little daunting to some, and getting it running on a PC connected to your TV does represent some complexities (even the AppleTV conversion isn’t without it’s limitations), once up and running, Boxee is a truly fantastic experience.

Introducing the Boxee Box

It was with great excitement to iBrothers then to learn that Boxee, partnered with D-Link, was bringing to market a dedicated box, preinstalled with Boxee to make hooking up Boxee to your TV a snap. Just this week, the Boxee Box was introduced to Australia.
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