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Telstra announce new 4G LTE mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Finally! Telstra today announced that they are rounding out their 4G devices with a 4G (LTE) capable mobile WiFi Hotspot. Read more

Apple unveils new iPad (iPad3)

Apple today revealed the latest revision of the iPad. While many expected the device to be called the iPad3, it was simply unveiled as the “new” iPad. Read more

FREE FLIGHTS! Microsoft releases Flight as a free game download

At the ripe old age of 30, Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of longest-running PC game series of all time. The last revision of the game, Flight Simulator X was released in 2006. Unfortunately in 2009 during Microsoft’s cost cutting rampage, the development team behind Microsoft Flight Simulator was shut down and the project essentially crashed and burned.

Fast forward to 2012 however and we find that Microsoft have brought back the flight simulator franchise with “Microsoft Flight” and not only have they revived it, it’s now free-to-play. Like many other free to play games, we see the introduction of a DLC (downloadable content) model which provides the option to purchase and download extra content, aircrafts, scenery and game packs. Read more

Telstra launches first Pre-Paid 4G LTE modem

UPDATE: Our review is up!


Today Telstra announced it’s first Pre-Paid 4G LTE modem.

The Pre-Paid 4G modem has full access to Telstra’s small but super fast 4G network which offers download speeds ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps and typical upload speeds from 1Mbps to 10Mbps.  The modem also supports Telstra’s 3G HSPA+ network for fallback when not in a 4G area.

Perfect for people wanting occasional use (such as holiday makers) it offers the best possible mobile broadband speeds and coverage without forking out for the Post-Paid 4G USB modem option. As far as it appears on paper, this would be an option  iBrothers would be happy to recommend.

Customers can purchase the Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G today for $129 which comes with 3GB of data and 30 days expiry. Read more

A new name for a new focus – say hello to Clever IT Systems

After much deliberation, we have decided to separate the iBrothers entity with our business entity.

Truth be told, this blog site reflects a more candid and personal side of who we are and it was getting a little confusing for clients to understand the separation that exists between our business and our blog.

Further to this, the business has evolved and is taking on a more polished look and feel and as such, we decided it was time to rebrand and refocus the way we go to market.

The new business name is Clever IT Systems. If you are looking for a company who specialise in managing SOHO and SMBs in Melbourne Australia, look us up.


JB Hi-Fi’s NOW Music Streaming Service Launches With 1 Month Free Subscription

JB Hi-Fi has today launched (in beta) it’s new music streaming subscription service called JB Hi-Fi NOW. There are only a handful of companies offering music streaming services in Australia, and with international licensing these Australian services seem to have limited tracks on offer compared to the USA.

NOW will offer unlimited music streaming to it’s customers from it’s 6 million plus tracks, with a 3 month subscription starting at $25. You can even use a JB store gift card to pay for the service. Currently, streaming is only available via web browser and JB expect to have mobile and tablet versions shortly.

Head over NOW to and get started with your complementary 1 month subscription.

JB Hi-Fi’s Gift Giving Frenzy! – Tonight Only 6PM

JB Hi-Fi are celebrating Christmas with a “Gift Giving Frenzy” sale. It starts tonight (Wednesday 7th December 2011) at 6PM till late with specials ranging from 15% Off Computers to 30% Off Logitech speaker docks & Harmony remotes.

Other fantastic deals can be found like the Xbox 360 4GB console for $169 and a game iBrothers are currently enjoying, Batman: Arkham City for only $55.

Stores close at 5:30pm and re-open at 6pm. For a list of stores and closing times, take a look at JB’s website.

Commonwealth Bank launches Kaching: The future of mobile payments


At iBrothers, we have been intently watching the US and their progress with Google Wallet which incorporates Near Field Communications to turn your mobile phone into a credit card, wondering when (if ever) Australia would start adopting the same technology.

This morning the Commonwealth Bank announced a new mobile payment system called “Kaching”. Using NFC-enabled iPhone case called iCarte which supplied by the Commonwealth Bank, uses can use their mobile phone to make payments with PayPass. The service also let’s you play for services or friends via an email address, like PayPal and as a world first pay your friends via Facebook.

The iCarte case is for the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S only at this stage and you can register your interest and more from the Commonwealth Bank Kaching website.

With the ability to touch or pass your mobile over a device to record a payment, it’s really only a matter of time before someone finally addresses our other burning desire which is to finally have our loyalty cards part of a similar system. Doing so will undoubtedly put a stop to the question “is that a wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Apple Releases iOS 5 and iCloud

Just a day away from the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple have released iOS 5 as a free update for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 1, iPad 2 and the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch.

Apple are claiming it offers over 200 new features like Notification Center, iMessages, Reminders, Twitter integration and finally includes the ability to sync with your iTunes library over Wi-Fi. More on iOS 5

Apple are also introducing iCloud. A free service that stores your music, documents, photos and even backups of your device in the cloud and then syncs them to all your other iOS/Mac/PC devices over the air. iCloud also includes a free email account, calendar and address book as replaces the MobileMe. Migration from MobileMe services are now live and MobileMe users can move over all MobileMe data to iCloud. More on iCloud and you can access iCloud here

iBrothers have been using iOS 5 during it’s beta testing period and have found iOS 5 to be a huge improvement over previous updates and in fact, maybe one of Apples biggest updates yet to it’s mobile OS platform. While iMessage, the new camera controls from the lock screen and reminders are great, the new notification system has to be the standout feature introduced with iOS 5. We highly recommend everyone with a device that supports it to upgrade immediately when available.

iOS 5 requires iTunes 10.5. After you have updated to the latest version of iTunes and connected your iDevice, click “check for updates” to automatically download and install iOS 5.

HTC backflip on bootloader lockdown policy

Ever since HTC released the Froyo 2.2 update to their Android device line, they also started locking down the bootloaders on them. This meant that the Android hacking community could not longer “root” the device and as such had no way to run custom made ROM’s. The move by HTC caused a rather noticeable outpouring of negativity from their customers in the way of heated emails, Twiiter and Facebook posts and the creation of an online petition.

All this noise seems to have payed off as today on HTC’s own Facebook page, CEO Peter Chou sent this message to his customers:

‎”There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience”

HTC’s reasons for locking the bootloaders where to ensure that devices could remain secure enough for average users. This however, goes against the fundamental idea about owning a device based on the “open source” Android operating system. I for one, with my locked HTC Wildfire, am very excited about this news even if it’s only for the ability to remove the telco branding and bloatware. Let’s just hope HTC make it available for existing and older handsets and not just for new ones yet to be released.