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The new iPad, first impressions

iBrothers today grabbed a couple of new iPads to replace an iPad2 and an original iPad. While specifications are all good and fine, we thought it would be worth sharing our own impressions for people considering an upgrade to the new iPad. Read more

Christmas Gift Guide 2011

Here we are again, right in the middle of the silly season ready to give those of you who aren’t completely organised some last minute shopping advice.

This year seems to be better than ever for bargains with all retailers conducting an all out assault to keep you buying local and not overseas. So without further ado, here are our top picks for Christmas 2011 Read more

Three pieces of Tech and a baby – Is the iPad ready for handling photo publishing in the field?

A couple of weeks ago I found myself preparing for the birth of my daughter. By preparing I mean selecting the lenses for my digital SLR camera, deciding if I should have another camera as a backup and gathering all the necessary chargers for various devices such as mobile phones and wifi hotspots. I sometimes believe I must be the only person who packs a 6 port power board as the first thing in a suitcase. The one thing that did give me pause was deciding if I should take my 15” MacBook Pro this time or rely solely on the iPad for sharing those precious and early photos with my family and friends. Read more

Telstra, Optus & Vodafone Compared: Mobile Broadband SpeedTest

At iBrothers, we have generally stuck with Telstra when it comes to both mobile phone coverage as well as mobile broadband. The reason for this is that Telstra’s Next G network is supposedly the best of all providers for speed as well as coverage. Of late however, we have been noticing that, at times, the speeds we were getting from Telstra seemed to be slower. Coupled with anecdotal evidence from customers and family of similar issues, we decided it was time to conduct some actual real world tests of our own. Read more