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Victoria – The Place To Be For Smartphone Applications


With over 36% of the Australian mobile phone population owning a smartphone, and with an expected growth to more than 50% within 12 months, it’s no wonder the number of applications (or “apps”) being made, continues to increase rapidly. It is becoming more common for websites to offer a mobile version of their website or a dedicated app and this trend has continued with our local Government agencies getting onboard.

In Victoria, we are spoiled with almost every Government department offering something. From the Department of Health’s fantastic Better Health Channel application, which I have personally used many times to locate a 24hr Chemist or gain health advice for my children, to VicRoads SmartPark application, which helps me to avoid being fined by reminding me that my parking is about to expire, and it even tells me the exact location I parked my car! Read more

Commonwealth Bank launches Kaching: The future of mobile payments


At iBrothers, we have been intently watching the US and their progress with Google Wallet which incorporates Near Field Communications to turn your mobile phone into a credit card, wondering when (if ever) Australia would start adopting the same technology.

This morning the Commonwealth Bank announced a new mobile payment system called “Kaching”. Using NFC-enabled iPhone case called iCarte which supplied by the Commonwealth Bank, uses can use their mobile phone to make payments with PayPass. The service also let’s you play for services or friends via an email address, like PayPal and as a world first pay your friends via Facebook.

The iCarte case is for the iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S only at this stage and you can register your interest and more from the Commonwealth Bank Kaching website.

With the ability to touch or pass your mobile over a device to record a payment, it’s really only a matter of time before someone finally addresses our other burning desire which is to finally have our loyalty cards part of a similar system. Doing so will undoubtedly put a stop to the question “is that a wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Make your smartphone smarter with FREE Turn-by-turn navigation software

With just about every smartphone on the market these days; from the $188 unlocked Huawei Sonic to a high end iPhone or HTC Sensation, you are more than likely to find it sporting an internal GPS. While the GPS functionality is used for more than just navigation (at iBrothers, finding a decent coffee in an unknown location is impossible without a GPS based social networking app) turn-by-turn navigation is still considered the most useful application of this technology. Turn-by-turn navigation of course requires an app and the good news is that the choice available keeps on growing.

The list of features for each application vary considerably. Aside from simple turn-by-turn navigation, vendors have been looking to add other functionality to give their product an advantage over their competitors. Buying a GPS device or app can give you some interesting things such as speed camera locations, multipoint routing, school zone warnings, text-to-speach, custom or celebrity voices and navigate to photo just to name a few. While some apps continually download the maps they need live, some have have the map data built into the application with the benefit of off-line usage (no need for a data connection). The trade off is that the application weighs in at about 200 to 400MB and vary in price from $19 MetroView (Map data provided by PMSA) to $80 for TomTom (Map data provided by Sensis)

What I am looking at today is two free options on the market suitable for the occasional user that while basic in their offering, work extremely well and above all are FREE! Read more