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Get 40% More Value On Bigpond Pre-Paid Gift Cards. Ends 25th Dec

Bigpond Pre-Paid Gift Card 40% More Value Offer

Bigpond Pre-Paid Gift Card 40% More Value Offer


Get 40% more credit on Bigpond Movies, Music, Games and more.

Offer ends 25th of December 2011 or while stocks last.

Offer not avalible on electronic vouchers. Must be a retail pre-paid card.

[Source: Bigpond]

New Year’s resolution: “I will get my photos, video, music and backups in order” with a NAS

With low prices and greater demand for “internet connected” devices such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, smart phones, tablets and of course computers, home networks are fast becoming more complex than what you may encounter on a small business network. On a business network, the cornerstone to the network is the file server, a system where all network connected computers can access common files and programs. Often, these can be complex beasts to setup and configure and for the most part, a traditional file server is generally considered overkill for a home network. So, for the home network that craves a centre point to store files such as documents, photos, music and movies and access them from a multitude of devices we turn to a low cost, low complexity solution offered by a NAS. Read more